Women Reading


Miss Marple reading on train. From Miss Marple Novels. Agatha Christie. The Folio Society. Illustrations by Andrew Davidson.

Davidson is a long-established illustrator and traditional wood engraver. For this new 4-volume set, he has created beautiful, nostalgic images while using unusual angles and perspectives to add suspense.


Félix Revello de Toro

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Rest and reading in the afternoon / Reposo y lectura en la tarde (ilustración de Marcos Llussá)


William Russell Flint


Bette Davis, as Joyce Heath, reading in Dangerous (1935).

Not even considered a good film back in 1935, Dangerous is held together by the mesmerizing performance of Bette Davis. The star is cast as alcoholic, self-destructive stage actress Joyce Heath, a character obviously based on Jeanne Eagels.