Women Reading


Reading, imagining / Leyendo, imaginando (ilustración de Aleksandra Chabros)


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Harold Knight (1874–1961).

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Summer Dreams (1915)

Sergei Arsenevich Vinogradov


Olivia de Havilland reads Thomas Mann “The Transposed Heads.”

The novella, “The Transposed Heads” is Thomas Mann’s philosophical version of an Indian legend about the conflict between mind and body. In a twinned paroxysm, two friends, the intellectual Shridaman and the earthy Nanda, behead themselves. 


Suzanna Graafland Reading (c.1936). Robert Archibald Antonius Joan Graafland (Dutch, 1875-1940). Oil on canvas. 

After 1909, Graafland developed his own style, similar to Belgian/French Impressionism. The canvases are recognizable by the rapid and spontaneous brushwork and intense and radiant color palette. The paintings from this period radiate joy and beauty. Graafland was dissatisfied with the dark Rembrandtesque colors of his earlier work and destroyed the paintings.


Emily Green and Josephine Le Tutour reading while wearing glasses. Shot by Thom Kerr for Black Magazine #17, 2012.

We Do What We Want. Models Josephine Le Tutour and Emily Green play a pair of boarding school bad girls for this bewitching story from Black’s, photographed by Kerr. Styled by Bex Sheers, the schoolgirls don seasonal outfits with gothic undertones and impressive hair and make-up styling.


Lesende junge Frau an einem Tisch beim Licht der Petroleumlampe, Karl Müller

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Girl Reading. Isadore Weiner.

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Laurie Anderson reading. Photo by Clifford Ross. BOMB. Fall 1999.

Anderson has been at the forefront of performance art since the early ’70s. She performs solo work and larger ensemble pieces around the world using a wide variety of computer technology. She was working on Songs and Stories from Moby-Dick, her latest electronic opera. It was scheduled for its New York premier at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in October of 1999.