Women Reading


Afternoon Reading / Tardes de lectura (ilustración de Aline Jones)

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A Good Read. Władysław (Ladislas) Bakalowicz (Polish, 1833-1903/04). Oil on panel.

His most representative works are genre scenes drawn from 16th- and 17th- century French history, especially the court of Henry III Valois. Executed in oil, pastel, or watercolor, these small-scale compositions reveal Bakalowicz`s fondness for the realistic rendering of details of costume and interior.


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Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

The Reader (Die Lesende), 1911

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Model reading. Harper’s Bazaar, June 1958. Sport Whirl. Photo by Louise Dahl-Wolfe.

Sport Whirl, founded in 1945 by Rubin Goodman, was a separates house, specializing in pieces that the consumer could mix and match. Sport Whirl clothing was not expensive, but Jeanne Campbell’s designs gave it a very fashionable image. Under her guidance, the company became a leader in the casual wear market, and was known for wearable, but imaginative, clothing.


she reads a book from across the street (by Everything is magic)

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Interior with Woman Reading. Poul Friis Nybo (Danish, 1869–1929). Oil on canvas.

This painting is typical of Nybo’s works where he depicts primarily single female figures in simple interiors with a variety of light sources. Here the woman reads at a plain table adorned only with a tablecloth and lamp. She sits in a wooden straight-backed chair and has only the soft lamp light to illuminate her book. 


luxe-pauvre:’A Night in Portofino’ by Peter Lindbergh 

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