Women Reading


Paul Gustav Fischer

Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French, 1841-1919), “Misia Sert" (1904)


Фешин Николай Иванович (1881-1955)
Nikolay Feshin

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After Georges de La Tour - Education of the Virgin on Flickr.

The authorship of this painting has been much debated. Recent studies of the several surviving versions suggest that all may be replicas of a lost original by Georges de La Tour.

[Musée du Louvre, Paris - Oil on canvas, 88 x 103 cm]

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Ava Gardner reading a book with a red cover.

Gardner’s early education was sketchy; by 1945, she had read two books, the Bible and “Gone with the Wind.” In later life, she more than made up for this lack by continual self-education.