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Tamara Lempicka: The Polish Girl, 1933

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…places to leave notes, a mini room with a manual typewriter in it, a piano, and thousands of books. One could spend days here.

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Friday eReader 

Here is our Friday eReader. This week she shopped for groceries. It was another nice week at the Underground New York Public Library! This week wraps eight months of blogging it. :)

Steve McCurry did a beautiful photo series of readers from around the world. Taking the concept of global reading in another direction is Argentinian artist Marta Minujin with her spiraling Babel Tower made of books. When she disassembles it, the books will be used to start a new archive named The Library of Babel. Returning to the locale of the underground library, here is the rather amusing Subway Shuffle from The New York Times (via masterpieceinchaos). 

Enjoy the weekend!

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Sue Lyon as Lolita, photographed by Bert Stern. Most of the photos in this series were considered too risqué to be used for publicity purposes.

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