Women Reading


Kate Moss with books by Drew Jarrett for Allure, February 1997.

"For the 23-year old model, reading is a habit honed in airports; collecting first editions is a recently acquired kick. Here, browsing in the Quinto bookshop. Silk chiffon beaded top by Marc Jacobs. Viscose and wool pants by Ann Demeulemeester." 


Mosè Bianchi_The Reader_1867
Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan

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Henry Edward Spernon Tozer  - 1892/1938

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Audrey Grace Boutique Lookbook (by Honeyuck)


Reading by Candlelight. Gerald Leake (American, 1885–1975). Illustration for “Aurora the Magnificent,” from The Century Magazine.

“To-night her mind was too full of personal things to permit of strict attention to the text.”


Immersed in reading… in the desert / Inmersa en la lectura… por el desierto (ilustración de Aleks Sennwald)